About Feng "Katie"

My name is Feng Dong "Katie", I grew up in China, and my whole family immigrated to United State 15 years ago. I went to school right after that. I started my business career early at the age of 18 when I managed a buffet restaurant  in North Carolina. Shortly afterward, we moved to New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Nebraska and eventually Arizona, which I have made my home for over 10 years. Over the years in these states, I helped my family launch and manage 5 restaurants. My business experience naturally transgressed to a career in  real estate.

I speak fluently in English and Chinese Mandarin, and I speak some Cantonese. As a licensed real estate agent, my principle is to fulfill fiduciary duty to all my clients with my professional knowledge and skills, provide truthful information about the transaction, and bargain in good faith. My goal is to reach my client's best interests and benefits.